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well that was a really unexciting oscars. is it just me, or do they seem to get duller every year? there was a definite lack of fashion fun (though yay for reese witherspoon and michelle williams). charlize theron looked like she was growing another head. meryl streep looked amazing, as did jennifer garner and probably some other people who i am forgetting at the moment. keira knightley was... icky. ooh, and salma hayek and jada pinkett smith looked really good (but what else is new?). felicity huffman and jennifer aniston looked nice but not special. rachel weisz- meh. surprisingly jennifer lopez was dressed and actually looked good. oh, and i am totally a fan of steve carrell's eyelashes. and ben stiller's green unitard.
aren't ang lee and his wife just the cutest people you've ever seen, along with reese witherspoon/ ryan phillippe and michelle wiliams/ heath ledger? it was nice that ang lee won, though i was pulling for a bennet miller upset. i was really annoyed that crash won. now granted, i wasn't really crazy about any of the nominees, but i'm just not a huge crash fan. shifting to acting, i was happy for phillip seymour hoffman, i so love him, and george clooney had a nice acceptance speech. reese witherspoon, boy was that (not) a surprise, and neither was rachel weisz, but i was really pulling for a michelle williams or amy adams upset. jon stewart was pretty funny-- i really liked the beginning and the fake best actress commercials. and it's too bad woody allen didn't win for match point. but i think maybe the academy is just a little tired of him. i was glad the memoirs of a geisha guy won for cinematography. i read about him in my cinematography magazine and that movie seems like it would have been an ordeal to light and shoot.
so what would ellis have nominated for best picture?
match point, the three burials of melquiades estrada, walk the line, munich, and capote. and i think that match point would have to be the winner, or three burials.
oh academy, you're getting predictable. all the front runners have been winning in the past few years. let's get a deserving upset. don't wory-- soon the oscars will be brimming with excitement when rachel and i win our oscars.
oh, and all the songs that were nominated this year? awful. did anyone see that atrocious interpretive dance that went with the crash song? i was embarrassed for the people on the stage. and i have to say that 'it's hard out here for a pimp' was really bad, though i do like the fact that rappers can now win academy awards. it's nice to see the academy embracing some form of diversity. and dolly parton? she will haunt my nightmares. i don't think that any human being is supposed to have a chest that's twice as large as the waist. ugh! what an awful-looking woman, if you can call someone with such a high body tissue to synthetic materials ratio a woman. try mannequin.
we had a nice oscar party in our res hall tonight, and it was definitely nice to watch with an enthusiastic audience. much clapping and laughing abound. yay for fun parties and sarcastic commentary (which mostly came from me).
well i guess that's all on that for now.
last night i ate ethiopian food all by myself. that's right, ellis had her very own shiny plate of wonder, because i couldn't find anyone to come out with me. but while i was there, sitting alone at my table, eating my plate of wonder, the waitress came over with a glass of strawberry juice and said that a guy over at another table had ordered it for me. he was sitting with his friends so i went over and thanked him and ended up talking with them for the next hour and a half. they were all really nice, and he was in town because he got accepted to harvard business school and might go there next year. it was fun. and i've always wanted someone to order a drink for me like that-- just like in the movies!
ok, i suppose that i should get ready for bed. is this semester over yet? because i'm tired of doing school work.
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