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i just finished watching "nashville," a robert altman movie that is so incredibly good. i really like it. of the four altman films i've seen, i like this one the best. if you have a spare 2 hours and 40 minutes lying around, you should use it to watch "nashville." and it has good country music! i know that "good country music" kind of seems like an oxymoron, but it's not, robert altman had all the actors write and perform their own songs. so anyway. highly recommended. and lindsay, i thought of you this entire movie because, well, you live in nashville. so there we go.
today i took the year's first walk around the lake! it was actually so warm out that i couldn't see my breath and i didn't have to wear my down jacket-- an almost first this semester! its supposed to be almost 60 this weekend, but the lovely temperature is somewhat obscured by the perhaps torrential rain that we're supposed to get. so no flip flops. but i'm living for next friday, when i can return home and wear tank tops and skirts and flip flops. i've actually been having day dreams about wearing pretty spring clothing, that's how desperate i am.
i watched "persona" in my film class on monday. i think that probably rachel is the only one that would and does appreciate that. perhaps not anyone else's cup of tea. however i thought it was ingmar-tastic. beautifully filmed, lit, acted, everything. yay, ingmar!
i'm in the process of solidifying my shanghai plans. may 29- june 24. i'm so excited! they sent out an email asking us to get parental permission to go since they've had 2 cases of bird flu (in a population of over a billion people) and wanted to see if people were still interested. i didn't actually ask my parents, i just told them i was going. so i may die of bird flu this summer (if i don't die of a blood clot first from all the flying i'll be doing-- around the world in 2 months: phoenix-shanghai-florence-phoenix!).
well i suppose that's it. i'm going to try to see 'tsotsi' and 'the libertine' this weekend, as well as write three papers. ingmar-tastic!
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