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i saw mission: impossible lll this weekend. yes, i financially encouraged tom cruise's whoring of himself and his personal life and i saw the movie. does it help that i was rooting for (the glorious) phillip seymour hoffman the entire time? i don't think i would have seen the movie if he weren't in it. he is so wonderful. every time he came onscreen it was just... love. that man can act. but i still feel a little shameful about the whole tom cruise aspect of it...
otherwise, the movie was just on the good side of mediocre, and i say that because it's goal is to be entertaining, and i admit, i was entertained. of course, there were my usual scoffs and inappropriate laughter, but i suppose that's to be expected. the highpoint, besides mr. psh, was the few lines of chinese dialogue, which i understood thankyouverymuch. i think it's cool that the movie took place in italy and shanghai, which, you know, in case you hadn't heard, is where i'll be this summer.
i was going to write a paper tonight, but instead i ended up watching 'mostly martha,' a german food movie. it was good. last night i also watched 'prizzi's honor.' not as good. but it's from 1985. what do you expect? though i do like anjelica huston. she's always reminded me of my mom.
so yeah. just over a week. i must say though that the dining hall is not making it very easy to enjoy what's left of my time here, because it seems that as the weather gets better, the creativity and quality has taken a significant nosedive. this isn't just me complaining-- i have people who can verify my assertions. because it's totally true. it's a good think i never get tired of hummus.
so, other than that... isn't my life exciting? not as exciting as steph's mom's! she's one lucky lady. i wish jeff probst would come into MY classroom. he's welcome at wellesley any time.
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