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year-end review

well hello. so, it's my second to last night here at wellesley as a sophomore. i figure i'll update tonight because i probably won't feel like doing it tomorrow night.
so, first item of business. guess how many new movies i have seen since i returned to wellesley in late january? go after the cut to see the full (alphabetical!) list and total number. it's pretty impressive. it's more than last spring semester and summer combined. i'm a machine. the ones with a * come highly recommended.

1. Aguirre, the Wrath of God*
2. American Dreamz
3. American Friend, The
4. Big Night
5. Brick*
6. Cache*
7. Crimes and Misdemeanors*
8. CSA: Confederate States of America
9. East Palace, West Palace
10. Everlasting Regret
11. Firewall
12. Fitzcarraldo
13. Flightplan
14. Goddess, The
15. heaven Can Wait
16. Inside Man, The*
17. Insider, The
18. Ju Dou*
19. Killer, The
20. Libertine, The
21. Malu Tianshi (Street Angel)*
22. Manhattan Murder Mystery
23. McCabe & Mrs. Miller
24. Mean Streets*
25. Mission: Impossible 3
26. Munich
27. Nashville*
28. Outfoxed
29. Peeping Tom**
30. Perhaps Love (Ruguo Ai)*
31. Persona*
32. Piano, The*
33. Player, The**
34. Prime
35. Prizzi's Honor
36. Red River
37. Red Sorghum
38. riding Alone for Thousands of Miles*
39. Ripley's Game
40. Run Lola Run
41. Sacrificed Youth
42. Seven Beauties**
43. Shanghai Triad*
44. She Done Him Wrong
45. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
46. Short Cuts*
47. Stardust Memories
48. Story of Qiu Ju, The
49. Syriana
50. Thank You For Smoking
51. Third Man, The
52. Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada**
53. Training Day
54. Tsotsi*
55. Two For the Money
56. Two Stage Sisters
57. Walking to Werner*
58. Wedding Banquet, The
59. What's Up, Tiger Lily?
60. Wings of Desire
61. Woman Demon Human
62. World, The
63. Yiyi
64. 40-Year Old Virgin ( out of order since i missed that at the top)

ok, so that's that. i've actually watched more movies, but i just listed the ones i hadn't seen already. so when you keep in mind that it's been about 15 weeks, that's an average of 4.2666... movies a week. i have a lot of free time.
it's nice that i'm finally leaving liking my school. not in love with wellesley, still have a lot of beefs with her, but i like it, and for the most part, i'm glad i'm here. this semester has definitely been the best so far. considering this time last year i left feeling absolutely miserable (really, i've never felt that awful before in my entire life) this past year has been an incredible improvement.
so tomorrow i have my last final and then the storage company is picking up my boxes around 5. and then it shall be me, my luggage, and my computer. no sheets, no pillows, no clock, no pretty decorations, nothing. ick. but the packing is almost done, thank god, because wednesday was basically one long, crippling anxiety attack over packing.
and i leave for china two weeks from today! yes! ah, i'm so excited! my professor got us a grant from the school so we (my prof and i) are going to make a documentary about our shanghai program. it's going to be so great. i'm going to learn chinese and buy a ton of cool stuff. lots and lots of movies. mmm, i'm drooling.
well that's it. i'll see some of you while i'm home, and to those of you who i don't, have a great summer. look out world, here i come.
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