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look at me go, another update. lucky you all!
so interesting story. last night my friends and i went to the bund to walk around before going to a club. the bund is right across the river from the oriental pearl building, the cool building with spheres that is reminiscent of the space needle. anyway, so all my friends were taking pictures, along with every other person on the bund. so there was a family next to us, and they kept looking over at us. nothing out of the ordinary, because basically everyone stares at large groups of american girls anyway. but then they came up to me and asked me if i would take a picture with them. they said "you're so beautiful, will you take a picture with me?" first i took one with the daughter, then with the mother. and the family members were not the only ones taking these pictures. other people were getting in on the action. it was so strange! and then the mother says to me: "you are very beautiful. i like you." this must be what it's like to be famous, having people look at you and talk about you and ask you to take a picture with them.
after that we walked on the bund for awhile, many more people proceeded to stare, and then we went in search of a club. long story short, we ended up at guandii, which was alright. we all know ellis is not a clubbing person, but i decided that the best way to have fun was to do something out of the ordinary. so i ordered a very tasty whisky sours (of which i drank maybe half) and, gasp, actually danced.
the dancing was really interesting though. pretty much all the guys there were awful dancers, so at least i wasn't alone. but what's cool is that while we were dancing, we formed what i call the wellesley circle, in which all the wellesley girls create a circle and don't let anyone else in. no sketchy guys grinding, just friends dancing in a circle. when some of the guys tried to dance with us, we would freeze them out. it was great! no gross sketchy guys. always a plus.
so tomorrow we're going to an acrobatics show, which should be good fun, and hopefully i shall wear one of my very shiny new qipao.
foods of the day:
peanut butter
peanut butter and jelly sandwich
chips and salsa
something non-oily
it was strange, today i didn't feel like eating lunch, so instead of going to the canting to eat a meal, i walked to a fruit bendor and bought some grapes and peaches, which i ate along with an apple. that was my lunch. man, i can't wait to be able to eat at home! i also cannot wait to read the newspaper. i miss the comics. and dear abby.
hmm, what else? there's some really important asia economics business summity thing going on; it's all over cctv. i was half listening to it during lumch today as i was doing a crossword puzzle. it would probably be more interesting if i understood anything about business, economics, international relations, or politics. but last night they had all the highways blocked off and policemen all over (and i mean ALL OVER) the city for security or something of the sort.
i have also decided that i should become a soccer fan. i watched about ten minutes of the germany/ poland game, which germany won, and i've decided that soccer is very cool. and it is full of good-looking players, much more so than any other sport i've watched. and i want to go to one of those games. they look really intense.
you know how there are jesus is my homeboy shirts? i've decided that i want to make a 'mao is my comerade' shirt. it would be pretty awesome. 'mao is my comerade' doesn't have the best ring to it, but i couldn't think of anything better. suggestions, anyone?
hope everyone is having a lovely summer. shout out to isaac for emerging from the hell hole that is chaparral with his sanity intact.
i come home a week from saturday. i can't tell if i'm happy or sad. both, i suppose.
oh, and did you know that in chinese, the word for the verb 'to waste' is the same as the word for the verb 'to rape a woman'? i think it's interesting that this implies that if a woman is raped, she has been wasted. think about it.
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