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mao is my comerade

i'm back-- in the wangba that is. i can't believe that i'm leaving saturday. have i really been here for 3 weeks already? and how am i not obese? i have eaten SO much food... i think i'm turning into a salt lick.
today we went to zhouzhuang, an ancient villiage connected by waterways instead of streets and surrounded by rice patties, watermelon, and vegetable patches. it was pretty, but we went to the ultra-touristy part, so while the shopping was good (really good), it wasn't really zhouzhuang, which i find upsetting because i don't like being a tourist. however, i should mention that the shopping was really good. i bouch a necklace, a purse, a skirt, two paper cut-outs, and a painting for 260 rmb, which would be about 33 usd. life is good.
in the world of shopping, i have bought a lot. and when i say a lot, i mean it. i have actually lost count of the number of dvds that i have purchased (experts say roughly 40). i have purchased 6 necklaces, a ring, 6 bracelets, three skirts, 2 qipao, a shirt/dress, numerous books, candy, two purses, 6 or 7 cds, the aforementioned painting and papercutouts, and more that i'm forgetting. yeah. but i would like to say two things. first: not all of it is for me. second: NONE of it is crap. no stupid touristy stuff. and i am very proud of that.
yesterday my friends and i went out shopping (gasp) [sidenote-- also bought a lot of tea] because that's pretty much all we do. actually first we went to the jade buddah temple, which was cool. then we went shopping in the french concession and stumbled upon a spa. it was certainly fate, because we all got hour-long traditional chinese massages for 80 rmb. that is exactly 10 usd. it was spec-tac-ular. then we went to dinner at the amazing vegetarian restaurant. mmm, watermelon 'meat'...
on saturday night, we went to bar rouge, a very exclusive and expensive club. for some reason i always manage to fool myself into thinking that this time i go to a club it will be fun, but you know, i'm always wrong. cover charge alone was 150 rmb, and then drinks started at 80. the only reason i GOT a drink is because my friends basically wouldn't let me not get one, and when i proceeded to not drink it, there was lots of pressure to finish it all (and let me tell you, i don't remember the name of what i ordered but there was a lot of alcohol in that thing- i would have been wasted!). of course i didn't finish it and passed it off to my friends. but come midnight, the club was packed. the music was so loud it was like there was no sound at all. there were so many people that i couldn't move. i couldn't hear, breathe, or move. so i left. alone. which our teachers told us not to do. but everyone was there and having fun, and i literally could not stay there. why did i think that it would be any different? i guess there's just no learning curve here, because i really want to have fun with my friends. so i left and took a cab back at 12.30 am with a driver that may have gouged me. i don't know. but my friends stayed at the club until about2.30 then went out karaoke-ing and got back at-- wait for it-- 7 am. yeah. needless to say that when i woke up there was no one to do stuff with. so i went to the park and then had lunch in a restaurant alone until people finally got their acts together at 2. i was a little frustrated. but then we proceeded to have an awesome afternoon.
on friday we got our nails done. it wasn't anything like in america, where the soak and trim and file and such, they just put on the polish. but for 7 rmb (.83 usd) i think i can deal. so now my nails are yellow and pretty!
let's see, what else.. oh! we went to see an acrobatics show on friday, and before that i went out with some friends and the profs to malaysian food. there were so many good curries. i wish my family had been there, but i ate enough for all of us so hopefully that helps a little.
speaking of the profs, they're awesome! they know where to go, how to order food and read the menus, how to bargain, but most of all, they are such sweet, fun people, and i love (and in fact prefer) hanging out with them as well as my friends.
i hope to update once more before coming home and give some final thoughts on china. sorry for spelling errors and such, but the computer is in overwrite mode and since it is in chinese, i don't really know how to fix it. hmm.
for now, this is ellis saying 'zaijian.'
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