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If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win.

He ain't pretty no more.

1 April
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American Beauty
is Spec-tac-u-lar Love

Garden State is love.

Hitch is my homeboy

Cary Grant is handsome love

Snape is whooshy Love

West Wing is lemon-lyman love

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Date Created:2004-07-20
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My name is ellis friedman. This is my LJTC. This is my LJ. This is my life. I'm 18 years old and in less than a year, I'll be 19. Of course, I don't know much yet. Look at me-wasting time. This will be the highpoint of my day- it's all downhill from here.
Strengths: sarcastic, realistic, flexible, adventurous, organized mentally, good with words, not obsessive, just curious, not ordinary or joyless, good listener
Weaknesses: critical, high expectations, easily annoyed, desire to eat every hour, inability to hide the fact that I’m annoyed, hate to exercise, procrastinator
Special Skills: ability to embed American Beauty quotes pretty much anywhere, masking my contempt for upper management, coming up with fun metaphors
Weapons: witty banter, scathing criticism, rolling my eyes, blank stares, fangs, superior celebrity gossip knowledge, 1973 pontiac firebird
Things with Undeniable Greatness: American Beauty, The Scottsdale Gang, The Contenders, Sparkly objects, Apple Pie, Mahler, Lower case letters, Me

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Willem Dafoe is Love.
8 1/2, alan rickman, alfred hitchcock, alfred molina, american beauty, apple pie, ashley's parties, audrey hepburn, badminton, barenaked ladies, being a princess, being critical, big fish, bling, bob, buying dvds, camp walden, cary grant, charlie kaufman, china, cinematography, clark gable, classic film society, classical music, claude rains, clint eastwood, coldplay, costa rica, crossword puzzles, cynicism, depressing (realistic non-cheesy) movies, dmitri shostakovich, drinking tea, eating, eminem, ethiopian food, food, foreign films, fourtissimo quartet, frederico fellini, garden state, glitter in envelopes, grace kelly, harry potter, having an indian wedding, hiking, indian food, jack nicholson, jack sparrow, jewelry, jimmy stewart, katharine hepburn, kayaking, krispy kremes, latin phrases, leaving arizona, lower-case letters, mahler, maine, making movies, marlon brando, martin scorsese, meryl streep, million dollar baby, mock trial, movie villains, movies, mrs. shuai's cooking, mulch, music, mystic river, nerts, old movies, opportune moments, paul newman, people magazine, professor snape, raging bull, rain, reading, relish, rock climbing, salt and vinegar chips, sam mendes, sarcasm, scrabble, shiny/sparkly things, sidney poitier, simon and garfunkel, spicy food, spike lee, stephen king, strawberries and creme frappucinos, survivor, tchaikovsky, thai food, the expression "like wo", the jew crew, the movie game, the oscars, the smell of bookstores, the west wing, the word "quaxed", tim burton, tom hanks, traveling, tulips, viola, vogue, wasting time in bookstores, wellesley college, west wing, whistling, white water rafting, willem defoe, winning, winning survivor, woody allen, writing, youth orchestra