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you know, if HE can be a director, then goddammit so can i. it appears that talent is NOT required to make a $10 million movie. this is so unfair. what am i doing getting an education while any old "musician" can just make a movie because he's famous?
i'm in an especially pissy mood right now because i just found out that the wellesley chinese department is essentially on the brink of evaporation, because of our 4 professors, one is retiring, one has (insanely!) been denied tenure (she's incredible--there was even a petition to appeal to the tenure she was denied LAST year-- oh, and she's a wellelsey alum. good show, wellesley), and another is leaving. and the two lecturers (one of whom is my current awesome prof) don't teach upper level chinese so, um, whoops! hey, sorry all you chinese majors-- you can't learn the world's most spoken language. i'm also annoyed at wellesley for treating the cinema and media studies department like a joke. or a favor, placating to the maybe 15 students like me.
on the plus side, monday is marathon monday, the one day last spring when i actually enjoyed myself. here's hoping for a repeat performance and a sweaty kiss from a runner.
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