ispeakshellfish (ispeakshellfish) wrote,

well, greetings again from italy. sorry updates have been rare, but i was so busy making films that i didn't have much time. i don't now, actually,, because this internet train is really expensive.
but as many of you should know by now, rachel left me on sunday to be all by my lonesome, so i am now in cinque terre until sunday morning. it is gorgeous here, and the hostel i'm staying in is pretty nice, though a little far from the cinque terre villages. i've met some really nice people here so i've been hanging out with them for the past two days.
my films came out really well, and i am excited.
i crave ethiopian food, but i'm not tired of italian fare. it is so good, i don't know how my clothes still fit.
coming home monday, assuming i make my flight in paris, which is doubtful, since i fly from florence to paris, and then an hour later i'm supposedly supposed to leave from paris. we'll see how that goes.
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